Virtual physical immersion

In partnership with body>data>space

Holistic interactions between our physical and data bodies

As we work, play and get healthy through transmitting and receiving bio-data via bodily interactions such as touch, heartbeat, feature recognition, motion and gesture, physical body data has become increasingly significant.

As we remain glued to screens or disembodied in headsets, we are still in a half-way place in relation to full body immersion in data. But the boundaries between the real and the virtual are morphing.
How should we begin to extend our sensual perceptions through our data bodies, with and beyond our physical selves? What can the convergence of haptic, tactile and proprioceptive tech do to facilitate sense enhancement and collective embodiment in such immersive data environments in the next 20 years? Will we be able to recreate a true sense of presence with each other in these environments, and in this age of experience, how will this shift our present day definitions of identity and togetherness?

Date and time

07/07/2018 -
14:00 to 15:00