The tangle of mind and matter

Virtual reality, augmented reality, extended reality. Those terms have become popular topics of discourse, but meanwhile, we don’t yet know what reality is.

Leading philosophers, neuroscientists and artificial intelligence experts alike are struggling to understand what is “the self”, what is consciousness, what exactly is our physical reality? And at the same time, we humans seek to go beyond what we know as physical reality, to go beyond the “real world”, to expand our consciousness. Our reality is based on the limitation of our senses so we invent technologies that extend our abilities to expand our perception and show us that there is more than this limited reality. We strive to create virtual, artificial realities that can engage and immerse us as fully as the real world and maybe even more. If the mystery of consciousness and reality is solved while our alternate realities continue to advance and evolve, it could change everything.

Date and time

07/07/2018 -
12:00 to 12:30