Sara Allen

Sara Allen

Founder of Further&More

Sara Allen

Getting the right people in the future of work

An algorithm that can tell you who to hire and the ability to job share at any level might seem like ideas that are years away from practically happening or something from a sci-fi film, but these are two things that are happening now. Sara Allan and Alistair Shepard are revolutionising the way that we hire and structure our staff teams. They sit down in conversation with Katz Keily founder of Keily & Co to discuss all things people in the future world of work, all three are innovators in the HR sector and together they will map out the future of work over the next ten to thirty years.

About Sara

In 2015, Sara founded Further&More, a job-sharing consultancy for ambitious employees and enlightened employers.

Further&More is working with a range of multinationals to embed job sharing to both attract and retain talented women, and to address the workforce challenges presented by a large older workforce and Gen Y.

Before running Further&More, Sara established herself as a 'problem solver' in the senior civil service, with roles ranging from running the Dementia Innovation Unit in the Department for Health, to developing youth social action project Step Up To Serve in the Cabinet Office.

In her spare time, Sara mentors young professional women through important thresholds in their career.