Martin Kunze

Artist and Independent Researcher

Martin Kunze

Martin Kunze works as artist and independent researcher on long term transfer of information in the fields of human history, evolution, biology, geology and astrobiology.

Martin consults on arising challenges of the digital age in connection with the consequences of increasing consumption of resources. He is regularly invited to conferences and collaborates in research programs investigating the scope between actively assembling of legacy and passivly obtaining heritage and the transformation process between these two positions. A permanent partner of Heritage Futures UK, Martin participates regularly at their conferences. Martin has organised symposia and public events since his days as a student - he holds a MA of the Art University of Linz; his diploma work was an intersection of geology and art.

Martin is founder of the Memory of Mankind (MOM) project in Hallstatt, which stores information for 1 million years. As head of this initiative he is collaborating with similar organisations; he is board member of Arch Mission, US, which has the aim to disseminate humanity's knowledge in the solar system, and recently successfully launched a time capsule on board SpaceX Heavy Falcon. Other MOM collaborations include New Horizons Space Message, BeyondTheEarth and the Long Now Foundation.

He is board member of HUDOC (Human Document Project; Frias, University of Freiburg; Kist-Europe, Saarbrücken; Twente, NL).

Martin is affiliated to the NEA (Nuclear Energy Agency, OECD, Paris) and to SKB (Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Company) and he held workshops in the field of long term forwarding of information about nuclear waste repositories ("Radio- and People's Activity - A Joint Heritage").