Dr Ana Attlee

Co-Founder and Director of Project Maya and Seedball

Dr Ana Attlee

Dr Ana Attlee is an eco entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Project Maya - an eco social enterprise whose mission is to build a UK network of nature reserves guided on the principles of permaculture.

Ana has a Masters of Research in Conservation Biology - where her research focused on the importance of urban spaces for plant life, insects, bats and birds - as well as a PhD in Conservation Science and postdoctoral research projects that focused on community conservation, solving conservation conflicts, knowledge exchange to improve conservation and social learning for sustainability. She has written world leading research papers and founded a research impact training company with Professor Mark Reed.

She subsequently decided it was the right time to launch her own organisation. In order to fund Project Maya's mission Ana and her co-founder Dr Emily Lambert created the ‘Seedball’ brand - a multi award winning wildflower seed gardening product that is manufactured in-house and retailed throughout the UK and parts of Europe. The seed balls are made from native UK wildflower seeds, clay, peat-free compost and chilli powder - an innovative technique to naturally protect the seeds from predators and help the seeds to grow. The product is designed to inspire and help more people grow wildflowers in their gardens and balconies to support bee and butterfly populations.


Ana will give a short lighting talk as part of The Garden programme. Space in this room will be limited.