Collective Reality

Immersive installation that generates visuals and sounds through motion

Collective Reality

This immersive installation looks 10 years ahead, moving beyond the headset and wearables of the current VR and AR craze to a real-time ‘collective reality'. It can be used by up to 150 people, simultaneously working together to generate visuals and sound through motion.

The installation will be made up of two zones: 'the experimental zone' where the audience move through the space and 'the performative zone' a round stage where athletes and dancers will perform and interact with the space. It uses motion tracking, surround sound, projection mapping and performative inserts technologies to create a living, breathing virtual presence environment that can be experienced by groups in real-time.

Commissioned by FutureFest 2016 and created by interactive design collective body>data>space in collaboration with the University of Greenwich (Creative Professions and Digital Arts), d3 technologies and Genelec. With support from Panasonic, The Games Europe Plays, EUNIC, British Council, Stage Sound Services, iSci and the Freestyle Footballers Federation.

Photo credit: Tadej Vindiš