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Anna Troisi

Head of the Experimental Media Research Group, Bournemouth University

Anna Troisi

Anna Troisi is a digital artist, programmer, performer, experimental electronic musician, composer, builder of instruments, and data fetishist. She has a background in computer science, music, computer music, neuroscience, and a PhD in nanotechnology.

Anna’s research addresses how gender inequalities and gendered social differences are constructed. Her aim is to use digital/sound art to challenge stereotypes and provide positive alternatives. Her last performance OB-Scene is part of an emerging movement of women and technology named XenoFeminism (XF). It introduces the idea of techno-alienation and focuses on the concept of other/diverse desires, new forms of desiring, experiencing something other. In Anna’s work this takes the form of a feminism incorporating the fluid, the non-human, the diverse. In her performances the body is fused with the technology, rather than empowered or enhanced by technology itself, body and technology become a unique agent “enabling the audience to sense in public their own intimate emotions”.

Her recent works Ob-scene, Keen-skin and Talktome continue to be performed at festivals and venues in the UK and Europe. Anna’s work has appeared at Transmediale (Berlin), Issue Project Room (New York City), Redroom (Baltimore), Brecht forum (New York City), EME Festival (Lisbon), Highwire gallery (Philadelphia), Columbia University (New York City), Wysing Arts Centre (Cambridge), Objectif Exhibitions Gallery (Flanders, Belgium), Institute for Philosophy (Leiden University), Nuova Consonanza Festival (Rome,), Angelica International Contemporary Music Festival (Bologna) and many other venues and international festivals.

When she is not generating sounds from bodies and machines, Anna is Lecturer in Digital Media Design and Head of the Experimental Media Research Centre at Bournemouth University.