Is politics broken?

Party politics is hopelessly out of date: dull, top-down, non-participatory, and with a woeful lack of diversity. No wonder that, even after the Corbyn surge, only around 2% of the population are members of a political party. In handing over their data to big tech companies, did citizens unwittingly usher in new era of misinformation and voter manipulation set to erode our democracies even further?  

As established political parties struggle to adapt to the 21st Century, a set of bottom up, self-organised movements for change are being championed to take their place. But will citizens really be willing to put their faith and energy into building alternatives? Indra Adnan will chair a debate on whether we can resuscitate our political system with Jamie Bartlett (author of The People Vs Tech How the internet is killing democracy and how we save it), Peter Macfadyen (Flatpack Democracy and Independents for Frome) and Sophie Walker (leader of the Women’s Equality Party)

Date and time

07/07/2018 -
10:30 to 11:30