Occupy the Stage

Tell FutureFest about your alternative future!

Competition: Occupy the Stage at FutureFest 2018

Competition: Occupy the Stage at FutureFest 2018

FutureFest is all about exploring alternative ideas and forging visions of how to shape a better future, with immersive experiences, debates and inspiring talks. This year, we are asking you to occupy your future by imagining how you'd change the world for the better. 

This is your chance to win five VIP tickets to one of Europe’s largest festivals of the future, exclusive passes to our VIP party, to be a ‘reporter for the day’ with our film crew and have your video played in front of thousands of festival-goers on 6-7 July 2018 at Tobacco Dock, London.   

To enter the competition, just grab your smartphone or video camera and create a short (up to 2 minute) video selfie describing how you’d change things to create a better future. Be as bold as you like - assume you have total power to change the world! 

Choose from ONE of these three topics, think what you want to say, and get filming:

1. Belonging, Sexuality and Gender Identity in Society: how I would create a fairer and more inclusive society

2. Fixing Our Democracy and Politics: my thoughts on revolutionising our systems and power structures

3. A Mentally Healthier World: the changes I’d make at work, home and play

The deadline is 23:59 on 27 June.

Competition terms and conditions

The prize

The vlogger who posts the alternative future deemed to be the most compelling and creative by the Nesta judges will receive:

1. Five complimentary 2-day tickets for FutureFest 2018 (worth £300)
2. An invitation to FutureFest’s exclusive VIP party, where you might rub shoulders with our headliners
3. Your film displayed on the big screen at FutureFest, between our high profile speakers
4. The opportunity to be a ‘FutureFest reporter’ - accompanying our roving crew and interviewing speakers, recording interviews with festival-goers, and sharing your thoughts and experiences of the day on-camera

Tips to get you started

  • Keep it short and sweet. Vlogs must be 2 minutes or less
  • Post your vlog on any of these three digital channels: Twitter, YouTube or Vimeo with the hashtag #MyAlternativeFuture
  • Be sure to include the url for your vlog in your submission so we can find you
  • Start by telling us who you are, what your topic is and why you’ve chosen it
  • Describe how would you change things to shape a better future - and be as bold as you like - assume you have ultimate power
  • We’re all about creating a better world, so think about an issue or problem that you’d like to fix - it could be a small thing, or something really massive, it’s up to you. Or maybe something brilliant that you think more people should do or adopt
  • Of course, keep it decent, clean and don’t use offensive language - but DO be as creative as you like: how about a rap, a song, a poem, an unusual location or recording alongside a group of like-minded friends?