Occupational futures

Both working on global networks which have become movements in their own right, both fully immersed in future scenarios for workers worldwide, Jude Kelly CBE (Founder and Director of the Women of the World Festival) and Russ Shaw (Founder, Tech London Advocates and Global Tech Advocates) talk together about their experiences and visions of the future world of work.  

From mobility, collaborative cross border projects, new tech developments, young entrepreneur developments, cultural and class based diversity issues and the huge potentials forward for girls and women occupational equality, this conversation will enlighten us as to the world ahead in terms of future employment and careers. 

What still needs to be done to deal with the barriers that remain regarding diversity in the workplace? How can these global networks help people to move forward and fulfilled their potentials? How can we amplify the success stories of those from diverse and marginalised backgrounds? What is the wider discourse on “work” looking ahead 20 years?

Date and time

06/07/2018 -
11:30 to 12:00