Machines that care for us

Personal and collective devices supporting our welfare needs. Robotics, virtual and augmented reality:
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Robotics, virtual and augmented reality, implants and wearables are some of the machine/body interfaces that are moving us into a new era of healthcare.

Over the last few years, machine-led caring - both in the home and in clinical settings - has lead to a wider acceptance of fully programmed machines looking after our wellbeing. This raises a number of ethical concerns; emotional attachment to social machines designed to create empathy and trust, addiction to personal fitness indicators, the harvesting of our personal information for health data commons, and the (biased) use of this for predictive modelling and monitoring.

Is the negative hype about integrated machine learning and AI in our health management justified? Can this tech help our health systems to become more, not less, human? Is it ever possible for a machine to be a substitute for human touch and intimacy? How can prediction through data commons help towards common global social aims?


Date and time

06/07/2018 -
15:00 to 16:00