Future love

What is the future of love?


Future love saw body technologist Ghislaine Boddington test the most universal of all emotions – exploring what happens to romance, dating, identity and even skin when we move beyond the physical and merge with the virtual.

Love is universal, ubiquitous, cherished deep inside us, always in our dreams, the imperative emotion that we yearn to experience and express. 

Future love includes multiple gender and sexual diversities – it provides opportunities for us to change our identities, hyper-enhance our sensualities, and relocate the boundaries of our relationships. We will look beyond the physical, merge with the virtual, be intimate with the synthetic, touch and feel at a distance, date anonymously and implant our bodies.

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Meet the curator

Ghislaine Boddington

Ghislaine Boddington is Co-founder and Creative Director of body>data>space and Women Shift Digital and is a Reader in Digital immersion at the Department of Creative Professions and Digital Arts, University of Greenwich. Ghislaine has been working internationally as a thought leader and pioneer advocating the use of the entire body as a digital interaction canvas, for over 25 years. She has in-depth expertise in body responsive technologies, immersive experiences and interactive interfaces, examining shifting identity politics through the convergence of telepresence, motion, touch, sense and gesture tech, focusing on the blending of the virtual and the physical.

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