Future humans: augmented selves

Cyborg advancements and human body extensions

Ideas of human/machine integration are shrouded in myth and have long been explored through our sci-fi imaginations. This rapid evolution of body technologies for both medical and personal use has stirred up a transhumanist debate -  should we have the right to enhance our bodies as far as science and technology will allow?

Biofeedback from wearables, implants, connected prosthetics and neural transmission networks is transforming the lives of many. Yet it is also enabling the genesis of a new generation of hybrid human beings, who choose to supplement and enhance their bodies through bio-sensing and bio-hacking, gene therapies and other internalised data devices.

In the future, will our human bodies evolve rapidly into ‘Super Humans’, and is this the next digital divide? With the expansion and blending of ourselves through data mobility into multiple forms - avatars, AI and robotic - how will we deal with such identity shifts and how will we manage the biometric data pools created from these? Do we have any choice but to evolve our bodies alongside this technological advance, without which humans may cease to exist?  

Date and time

07/07/2018 -
16:00 to 17:00