CrimeForce: LoveTeam

The year is 2050. Detectives McAuley and Prosser of the City of London CrimeForce are tasked with solving the murder of Kevin LoveTeam, lead singer of the world’s biggest boy band, LoveTeam. But what does crime look like in the mid-21st century? How have DNA profiling and artificial intelligence shaped the evolution of the justice system?

Playwright David Finnigan and filmmaker Jordan Prosser have created four different future scenarios. The characters are the same, the crime is the same, but in each future, the world is different. And in only one future does the killer get caught. It’s up to you to make sure we end up in that future.

Enter the mean streets of 2050s London in this choose-your-own-future sci-fi cop drama.

Date and time

06/07/2018 -
13:30 to 14:30