The future is not something that happens to us

But something we have to shape in line with our values


Our mission

We believe that by talking about the future we enhance people’s capacity to shape it. FutureFest is a non-profit initiative aimed at bringing future thinking to the public realm, so that everyone can benefit. Since 2013, FutureFest has attracted more than 11,000 visitors.

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Who comes to FutureFest?

For changemakers or creative minds who want to keep on top of radical ideas, FutureFest dares to ask the most pressing questions about the future - challenging the status quo and imagining a better world. For professionals who are tasked with solving social and public problems in their jobs (from businesses, civil society, governments, charities or academia), FutureFest is also an opportunity to debate and experience what their sectors could look like in the future, and explore new or surprising ways to solve problems.

The minds behind FutureFest

FutureFest is the flagship festival from Nesta - a global innovation foundation that backs new ideas to tackle the big challenges of our time: from the pressures of an ageing population to stretched public services and a fast-changing jobs market. Using knowledge, networking, funding and innovation skills, Nesta grows new ideas that can change the world for the better. Nesta is a UK charity but works globally, and always in partnership with others - including governments, businesses and charities. Nesta scans the horizon to find the emerging technologies and radical ideas that will help tackle the next generation of challenges we face. To find out more visit

Meet the team behind FutureFest

FutureFest is curated by Pat Kane, Ghislaine Boddington and Nesta's Explorations and Futures Team. The curators work together to bring the festival to life through a cutting-edge mix of talks, debates, performances and immersive experiences. Nesta's Communications and Events teams work on the operational and executional activities around FutureFest and the marketing, content and promotion to help grow the event. 


Tobacco Dock, London

6-7 July 2018

The Dock
Tobacco Quay

FutureFest will be held at Tobacco Dock, which is located just ten minutes walk from Tower Hill (District/Circle Line), five minutes from Shadwell (Overground/DLR) and seven minutes from Wapping (Overground).

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