2029: When happiness comes before profit

An immersive experience with a mix of role playing and design fiction. Both speakers and participants will enter into an alternative reality.

The ‘happiness revolution’ has only just begun, yet the results are impossible to ignore. Companies that put the well-being of their employees at the core of their missions are becoming far more valuable, resilient and innovative than those that prioritise profit. Chief Happiness Officers are a key asset for companies, safeguarding the most valuable resource they depend on - the satisfaction of their workers.

It's 2029. High levels of depression and sick-leave are a distant memory. Companies are now routinely expected to go beyond superficial gestures (free smoothies, yoga classes and football tables) and provide personal fulfilment and deeper meaning to their staff. But which policies are likely to provide the highest satisfaction for all employees?  Should we be aiming to meet the needs of the individual or the collective?

Date and time

06/07/2018 -
11:30 to 12:30