2023: When work no longer defines us

In partnership with Ouishare

A theatrical debate in which the winning arguments will be decided by the audience.

Bored and frustrated employees have been liberated by embracing the freelance / independent worker revolution. ‘Becoming your own boss'  is the mantra of this generation. No longer tied to a lifelong role nor to a company, everyone has the opportunity to define and redefine their professional identity as many times as they wish.

Jumping from one gig to the other, from one organisation to the next, this freedom may come at a price. How are our identities defined when we no longer have stable professions? What are the consequences of such precarious professional futures? In the absence of defined professions what other ‘indicators’ will start to signify the value we contribute as members of society?


Date and time

06/07/2018 -
17:00 to 18:00