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FutureFest is back

The fifth edition of FutureFest will be taking place in London in March 2020. More details coming soon.

What is FutureFest?

Nesta's FutureFest is one of Europe’s largest festivals of the future. Over four festivals, 11,000 people have engaged in conversations about what our future might look like and how we can become more active in shaping it. 

For many, our relationship with the future is troubled. From hidden influences over the media and politics to growing threats of terrorism and environmental degradation, the forces shaping our world can appear threatening or remote. FutureFest brings together thousands of forward thinkers to discover how to put power back into the hands of citizens; tapping into new ways of thinking and solutions for some of this era's biggest challenges. 

We explore ways to make a better future through immersive installations, interactive debates and inspiring talks from the likes of Edward Snowden, Vivienne Westwood, Nicola Sturgeon, Annie Mac, Akala, Ruby Wax OBE, Brian Eno, Paul Mason and Imogen Heap. If the best way to predict the future is to invent it, then FutureFest is the place to start. 

Previous speakers

Edward Snowden

Vivienne Westwood

Nicola Sturgeon


Ruby Wax OBE

Paul Mason

FutureFest, the story so far

Ruby Wax interview: Can we heal ourselves through technology?

FutureFest 2018 speaker Ruby Wax shared some insights on the relationship between wellness and technology with Nesta. Take a look at her interview here.

Read the interview

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